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Analysis of the global market for fresh vegetables and mushrooms in 2008-2012, the forecast for 2013-2017

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During the period from 2008 to 2012, sales of fresh vegetables and mushrooms in the world grew by 12%: from 1.6 to 1.7 billion tons. The figure showed an annual growth compared to previous years. The maximum increase in sales was observed in 2011 - by 5%, and the minimum - in 2009 (by 2%).

In 2008-2012, the highest demand among fresh vegetables and mushrooms was potato, which accounted for an average of about 21% of all product sales in the world. The second place in terms of this indicator was cassava - about 14% of sales, and the third - tomatoes with a share of 9%. The share of onions and shallots accounted for an average of 5% of sales over the period, the share of kale - 4%, and the share of cucumbers and gherkins - a little less than 4%. The share of other types of vegetables and mushrooms accounted for about 43% of the total.

According to forecasts of BusinesStat, in 2013-2017, sales of fresh vegetables and mushrooms in the world will continue to grow by an average of 2% per year. In 2017, they will reach almost 2 billion tons, which will exceed the level of 2012 by 11%. In the coming years, a number of factors will serve to increase demand for products. First, population growth. Secondly, an increase in the well-being of the population of developing countries. Third, the change in the usual preferences of consumers. The fashion for a healthy lifestyle, which is gaining popularity all over the world (especially in developed countries), leads to the fact that in the daily human diet, fruits and vegetables are replacing proteins and starch. Fourth, the growth in demand for products processing vegetables and mushrooms. In the world, the level of urbanization is growing, the pace of modern life is accelerating, and the employment of women is growing. These factors contribute to the fact that more and more people are abandoning home-made products in favor of “store” products.

"Analysis of the global market for fresh vegetables and mushrooms in 2008-2012, the forecast for 2013-2017" includes the most important data necessary to understand the current market conditions and assess the prospects for its development:

• Economy and population

• Gross harvest of fresh vegetables and mushrooms

• Sown area and yield of fresh vegetables and mushrooms

• Sales of fresh vegetables and mushrooms

• External and internal trade in fresh vegetables and mushrooms

• Import and export of fresh vegetables and mushrooms

• Foreign trade prices of fresh vegetables and mushrooms

The review details information on the types of fresh vegetables and mushrooms:

• Potatoes, incl. seminal

• Artichokes

• Eggplant

• Pea

• Beans

• Other legumes

• Kale

• Cauliflower and broccoli

• Onions and Shallots

• Leek and other onion vegetables

• Manioc (cassava)

• Carrots and turnips

• Cucumbers and gherkins

• Peppers

• Lettuce and chicory

• Tomatoes

• Garlic

• Spinach

• Mushrooms and truffles

• Asparagus

•          Sweet potato

• Other vegetables

The review provides current data on the volume of exports and imports of fresh vegetables and mushrooms in the countries of the world.

Separately, a forecast is given for the 25 countries of the world leading in terms of production, export and import of fresh vegetables and mushrooms: Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, Vietnam, Ghana, Germany, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, Malaysia , Mexico, Nigeria, Netherlands, Russian Federation, United States of America, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Japan. These countries are referred to in the review as the market leaders of fresh vegetables and mushrooms.

In preparing the review used official statistics:

• United Nations Statistics Division

• Commodity Trade Statistics

• Eurostat

• National Agencies and Compendia

• Index Mundi

• Industrial Commodity Statistics

• International Trade Center

• International Monetary Fund

• Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

• World Trade Organization

• LMC International

Along with the official statistics, the review contains the results of BusinesStat research:

• Analysis of open information about the market of fruits and vegetables

• Survey of fruit and vegetable market experts

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